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Tomasz Górnicki

Tomasz Górnicki, born in.1986 in Warsaw. Graduated art class in Miguel de Cervantes High School in 2004. In 2010 graduated with honours on Sculpture Department at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the studio of professor Janusz Antonii Pastwa. Lives with his wife and son in the country-side, works hard.

2009 laureate of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship 2009/2010 2010 Distinction of honour, “Best Diplomas of Academy of Fine Arts in Poland 2010” 2010 “Gold Chisel” award of Sculpture Department, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw 2010 Distinction of honour of Adam and Irena Gawlikowski’s Foundation 2012 Special distinction “Untouchable” Mediations Biennale, Poznań 2012 Contest for park sculpture for Ursynów Quarter, 2nd place and realisation

Exhibitions: 2008 Exhibition in Polish Olympic Center, Warsaw 2009 XI International plein-air “Pławna 9”, Pławna 2010 I Premio Internazionale di Scultura Edgardo Mannucci, Arcevia, Italy 2010 “Best Diplomas of Academy of Fine Arts in Poland 2010”, Gdańsk 2010 “Sculptured city” sculpture plein-air, Mrągowo 2010 “Hug me- the idiom of intimacy” Solbet’s sculpture plein-air, Warsaw 2010 “Coming out 2010” Exhibition of diplomas of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw 2011 “Proceed” Solo exhibition in SOHO Factory in Warsaw 2012 “New Opening” centenary exhibition of ZPAP, Warsaw 2012 „Dzień obiektów” Wypieki Kultury, Warsaw 2012 „The youngest” exhibition ZPAP, Warsaw 2012 Novotel Art Gallery, exhibition in Novotel Hotel, Warsaw 2012 Professors’ and Graduates’ of Sculpture Department of Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw 2012 “Górnicki – States / Pastwa – Shadows” Exhibition with Professor Janusz Antoni Pastwa 2012 “Untouchable” Mediations Biennale 2012, Poznań 2012 “Reaktor Kultury” Warsaw 2012 Professor Pastwa’s Studio Exhibition In Olimpic Center, Warsaw 2013 “KOSMOS” Solo exhibition in SOHO Factory, Warsaw 2014 „28” exhibition ZPAP, Warsaw.